Bont – The Ultimate Tri Cycling Shoe – Available NOW!

Bont Triathlon Shoes

It’s been a long wait, but we think it’s bean well worth it. This morning saw our first delivery of the latest ultra light, ultra stiff, totally heat moldable Sub 9 and Sub 10 triathlon cycling shoes from Australian brand Bont. Bont began life as a manufacturer of custom speed skates and roller blades before turning their exclusive technology to cycling shoes. The result? The stiffest, lightest shoes on the market today. Each shoe is 100% hand made using an exclusive resin in the composite base that becomes flexible at relatively low temperatures allowing the entire sole of the shoe as well as the body to be heat formed to PERFECTLY fit the rider’s foot.

Since their introduction Bont shoes have become a pro peleton favourite with an ever growing list of riders moving to Bonts for their out and out performance.  Rider’s who’ve chosen Bont shoes include Bradley Wiggins, Michael Rogers, Daniel Lloyd, Cameron Brown, Spencer Smith, Natasha Badman and many more!

Visit our Bristol Studio for a fitting (we’ll even heat form them for you while you wait) or available to ORDER ONLINE NOW.

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