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Clean Bottle :: The Clever Bottle That Won’t Get Gunky

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I’m the worst culprit in the world for this. After getting back from a club run, I’ll put the bike away and forget about the remaining energy drink left in my bottles. Next time I come to get the bike, there’s a substance that resembles what came out of your nose last time you had the flu floating in the bottom of the bottle. Even after thorough cleaning your drinks never quite taste the same again! Now with the innovative but simple  Clean Bottle, it’s easy to clean the snot out of every bit of your bottle, even the valve!


Meet the Team :: Daz Carter

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Meet the latest team member, double ironman finishing, sub 9 hour Ironman Darryl “Daz” Carter. He’s gunning for a slot at Hawaii at next weekends Ironman UK in Bolton. Here’s Daz in his own words…

I’ve spent the last three years as a triathlon coach, personal trainer and ‘part-time’ long-distance triathlete, having previous worked for 10 years in the Civil Service. I have raced for the GB age-group team, and have completed ten Ironman-distance and one double-ironman distance triathlons. My current Ironman PB is 8:57 but I would love to keep chipping away and get down to 8:45. I have considered entering a Deca-Ironman, but then slapped myself out of it!
I also enjoy the challenge of ultra-distance off-road running. Having failed to complete the Offas Dyke Trail (178miles) non-stop on a whim, I decided to take it a little more seriously over the last 12 months and start working my way up through the distances. I have so far completed two ultra trail races of 45 and 55miles and came 2nd and 1st in them respectively. I have entered my first 100mile trail run in October.

Physiotherapy and Sports Massage :: Available Now at Bike Science Bristol

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

At Bike Science we like to look at every aspect of rider performance, from perfectly fitted bikes, the very best equipment and now at Bike Science Bristol, physiotherapy and sports massage services aimed specifically at cyclists.

Meet Scott Cornish, our new physiotherapist. As well as being a chartered physiotherapist and highly experienced sports masseur, Scott’s also an experienced competitive stage racing endurance mountain biker. He knows bodies and he knows bikes.

Whether you’re suffering with a long term injury or use sports massage as a weekly part of your recovery strategy, book a treatment session online NOW. Physio and massage appointments are currently available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at Bike Science Bristol.


Meet the Team :: Alice Hector

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Meet Alice. Team Bike Science’s dark horse for a podium slot at the national relays? Maybe, if we can convince her to come back to racing triathlon!! Here’s Alice in her own words, plus a race report from her crack at the recent Cardiff 50 Mile Ultra run…

Former pro triathlete and European Long Distance elite medallist 2007, with 16 national championship medals in multisport events, I’ve taken a step back since then but still have completed an Ironman (6th pro IMUK 08), and won every local multi-sport race I’ve entered since (opening myself up for a fall here!) When I do triathlon now it is just for the feel-good factor but I do like to do well too!

Recently I have switched to ultra marathon running and won my first 50k race by 45 mins and won my first 50 miler in May this year, with no specific preparation.

My aim is to qualify for the GB team and compete and do well in the 100k Worlds in the next few years. Cycling and triathlon events will help along the way as they’re lower impact so I can develop my aerobic efficiency and muscle conditioning without damage.

Cardiff Ultra 50 mile Race Report

I entered the race on a bit of a whim, as I was bored one night and was browsing on the internet thinking I hadn’t achieved anything for a while. I saw this and thought ‘hmmm, could I?’ and then the fateful seed was planted. I had done 40-60 minute runs a few times a week for the past 6 months but nothing specific. It would be an interesting experiment to see how far I could get without having been meticulous. I entered the next day, 3 weeks before the event. That gave me 1 week of training before a 2 week taper! So I did a 2 hr run, then a 2hrs 30 run and a 3 hr 20 effort at the weekend. 2 hours was fine but 3 hr 20 was a struggle!

Then it was a case of not doing much for 2 weeks, just ticking. You can’t gain fitness in the 2 weeks before a race but you can tune up so I kept running frequently but just for a few minutes at a time.

I knew it was just a case of good self-management. I didn’t have the best fitness but I did have muscle memory and I did have good knowledge of race nutrition, so it was just a case of controlling the controllables and seeing how my legs/stomach held up. So long as nothing was too bad I would make it to the line.

During the race, after 2 hrs my legs started to go a bit. The thought of running for another 6 hours on tired legs kind of scared me, but the sadist inside me was like ‘Bring it!’ It was 20 miles further than I had ever run before which was a daunting prospect if I stopped to think about it, so best not to. It was just about all on tarmac too, and as a rule I don’t run more than an hour on tarmac as I find it so unforgiving. I knew I would be ok so long as I didn’t cramp, which of course is highly debilitating. The pain I could cope with but you can’t work with spasming stumps, so it was just a case of taking enough water and salt and hoping that that wouldn’t happen.

As it turned out, nothing really happened! My legs got really sore, sorer than I have ever experience by a long shot, but I just kept eating and plodding and picking off people who had failed to eat/drink enough. Women had been around me up to the 2 hour mark but me being me got competitive and decided I wanted to be in front so I ran off! It changed very quickly from just wanting to complete the distance to actually wanting to compete. I would have been far less happy had I come in 2nd.

At mile 43 I went wrong and ended up doing an extra mile. I slipped from 5th overall (out of the men) to 7th, which was disappointing, but hardly surprising; I normally do things like that. An extra hilly mile at that stage did have be throwing my toys just a little bit!

In hindsight I was too scared and held back too much, and with a bit more prep I know I can definitely push harder. All that was lacking was the leg strength: the ability to withstand muscular fatigue. Energy levels were fine throughout as was mindset. It was actually far easier than I anticipated. Less than half a day’s effort and I’ve achieved something really cool!

So after a good month of easy running I’m just about fully recovered and will look to do another ultra later in the year. I love the simplicity of ultra compared to tri. You just run. I like that :)

Bont Shoes – Shaped Like Your Feet

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Sounds daft, but take a look at the insole of most cycling shoes. Notice anything…? They’re nothing like the same shape as your feet.

For optimum efficiency, comfort and performance, cycling shoes need to be as close as possible to the shape of the foot with the ball of the foot positioned correctly over the pedal spindle. That’s where Bont shoes come into their own. Not only are they heat mouldable, the last is designed specifically to mimic the shape of the foot.

The result..?

The most comfortable, efficient cycling shoes you’ll ever wear.

NEW :: Wide Fit Bont A3 Road Shoes now in stock in our most popular sizes.

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Bike Fit Before and After – See the Difference

Thursday, July 14th, 2011



At Bike Science, we believe that Retul is the most powerful measurement tool available for use in our bike fit studios, with the Retul software becoming more powerful with each new version. The latest release includes high definition video capture so now we can demonstrate more clearly to each client what we’re trying to achieve during the fitting process.

These videos show a typical fit client being set up on a Planet X Exocet time trial bike. The set up is intended for long distance (1/2 Ironman and Ironman) triathlon events.

The video above shows the post-fit position. The video below the initial position prior to the fitting.

Here’s a summary of the changes made…

- Cleat fore/aft position and rotation changed
- Rider has significant leg length difference – added 9mm of shims under right cleat
- Saddle swapped to Adamo road
- Saddle lowered
- Saddle moved forward
- Stem shortened
- Bars Lowered
- Tri Bar pad width changed
- Tri Bar and base bar angle change
- Tri bars were also shortened slightly after this video was taken to improve access to the gear levers.



Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Book any Level 1, 2 or 3 bike fit in BRISTOL, DERBY or ROTHERHAM from now until the end of JULY and save 25% from our standard prices. Our precision bike fitting services and highly trained fitters offer improved comfort, reduced injury risk and improved performance. Bike fits from just £67.50 and Retul precision fits from £138!





The best money you’ll ever spend on your bike! Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients are saying…

“The bike feels amazing & I love the tri position. No hip or foot numbness, just felt like I could power through everything. Thank you for your patience this afternoon, a great experience & worth every penny.”

“Just a quick note to say thanks for your time and attention to detail during the bike fitting yesterday. The new position feels great, can’t wait to try it out for real in my race this weekend”

“Just thought ide let you know how usefull i found the bike fit today. It was great the bike feels so different and more comfortable. I think its great value. After riding the bike on and off for 5 odd years and never feeling it was quite right, now it feels like it should which has saved me getting a complete new bike! You are very throurgh and did a lot more than any fitting i have seen friends get when they have had new bikes from shops.”

*Not to be used in conjunction with any other bike fit offer

Meet the Team :: Julian Hatcher

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Jules is now officially Bristol’s fastest policeman with a stunning sub 9 hour debut at last weekend’s Ironman Austria. Jules has no real weakness, with a strong swim, stronger bike and awesome running ability. Read more about Jules and his Ironman Austria race report in his own words…

Ironman Austria 2011 race report

My first attempt at ‘going long’ was a bit of a step into the unknown. I knew I had put the training hours in but I had never swum, cycled or run the distances individually and I had certainly never done then all in one go! I defiantly had targets going into the race but as the race approached nerves meant I put them to one side and decided I just wanted to finish.

Overall I was really chuffed with the result and pretty much nailed my goals of getting out of T1 in less than an hour, cycling the course in less than 5 and running a sub 3 marathon. With a couple of solid transitions this meant I finished in 8:55. Ultimately meaning I achieved my target of completing my first Ironman in less than 9 hours. Job done!

Rider Profile

History: I come from a running background having competed at 800 / 1500M on a national level as a youngster. I forgot about sport for a few years while I enjoyed a couple of post uni years in summer / winter holiday resorts living the life of a ski bum. I got back into sport when my other half said she fancied giving Triathlon a go. I joined her in 2004 for a crack at the Malvern sprint Tri. I did the swim in run shorts, I put my goggles upside down (they filled with water) and drank way too much on the bike, which gave me a stitch on the run. Obviously I loved it and have completed mainly in Olympic distance events since then. With a bit of hard work I have been fortunate to achieve some 1/2 decent results, these include;

Royal Windsor Tri 1st
London Tri 1st
European Age Group Champs 1st
Helvellyn Tri 1st
Bala Middle Distance (3rd and 2nd)
IM Austria 8:55

Aims for 2012

I am at a bit of a cross roads having just completed my main A race of the season. However I am sure, much to the annoyance of my long suffering wife I will come up with another crazy race to go for. Alpe, d’ huez Tri, could be the go?

ISM Adamo Saddles – AVAILABLE NOW!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

More stock of ISM’s unique Adamo saddle range in stock and AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW. The adamo’s unique cut away nose gives comfort when other saddles simply won’t! Road, Race and Time Trial models in stock and ready to ship.

ADAMO ROAD SADDLE – £109.99 (available in black and white)

ADAMO RACE SADDLE – £119.99 (available in black and white)


Meet the Team :: Mark White

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Mark White seems to have been involved in Ironman Triathlon since the beginnings of the sport in the UK. With multiple fast finishes across the world, including the hallowed Hawaii Ironman, Mark proves year after year, he’s one of the most consistent and fastest age group athletes in the country. Here’s some words from Mark…

More aims: Qualify for Kona @ IM Lanzarote 2012 & beat 4 hours for the 100 mile TT.

Personnel info,
Ex Royal Marine, from 1987 – 1992……Joined the fire service in 1993, been in for 19 years, now a crew manager…Been racing triathlons sine 1984…Was a member of the original British junior squad in 1984 after finishing 3rd at the British junior champs.. Raced Elite at British grand prix series from 1995-2000..Best results where 5th overall at Bournmouth (1hr 57 mins) 8th overall @ Shropshire 1hr 56 mins, 6th overall @ Milton Keynes 1hr 57, and 9th overall at the Ironbridge Long course (british long course champs)

First Ironman 2002 @ Lanzarote, 90th, 2nd Ironman 2003 @ Lanzarote, 65th missed Kona by 10 seconds.

Since then I’ve raced 15 Ironmans to date. loads of 70.3. Best results include : 9hrs 06 mins – 2nd overall @ The longest day, I actually beat Scott Nyedlli by 10 mins!!!! 3rd and 6th overall @ Vitruvian 2004, 2005, 5th and 6th overall at Bala, 2005, 2007…Raced Kona 2005 9hrs 24 mins.

Twice qualified for Kona at IM Florida & IM UK…5 times @ Roth…

Master coach for Trainingbible UK, one of my athletes finished in 8hrs 59 mins on Sunday @ IM Austria, he ran a 2.55 marathon!!!!!