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Why do our bike fitters LOVE Speedplay pedals?

Monday, August 5th, 2013

You’ll have seen them on bikes at local events or on pro’s bikes on the TV (including those of Tour de France and Olympic champ Sir Bradley Wiggins). Speedplay pedals might stand out from the rest because of their unusual looks, but it’s their adjustability, versatility and comfort that make them so popular with bike fitters and riders alike.

Speedplay pedals are unique in the way their fore/aft position, lateral (side to side) position and float (the level of heel in heel out float can be set from zero to fifteen degrees) can all be adjusted independently without changing any of the other settings. With a traditional triangular cleat, this level of fine adjustment that’s so important to fitting cleats  just isn’t possible.

Speedplay pedals can be used with any standard 3 hole drilled road cycling shoe, they’re light, fully serviceable and can be re-greased to maintain a their smoothness and longevity. Double sided entry makes getting in and out simple, with a light action version available for smaller or less experienced riders. Longer and shorter axle versions are also available to special order under the advice of our of our fitters.

Speedplay pedals are available to order online from £109.99 or pop in to your local Bike Science to arrange a cleat fitting

Worried about cleat wear? Try our KEEP ON COVERS

Keep on covers extend the life of your Speedplay cleats by covering all the vulnerable parts allowing easy walking or running in the cleats without damage.

Want to Take 10 minutes of your 40km Bike Time?

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Pre Fit Position – 40km Bike Split ~1hr13mins

Want to take 10 minutes off your 40km Olympic distance bike time? Claire did! Here’s how…

I first met Claire Hann after she won the 2012 Bristol Harbouside Triathlon. As part of her prize for winning the Olympic distance race overall Claire was presented with a Level 2 Precision bike fitting at Bike Science Bristol. As a bike fitter, my first impression was respect for Claire having managed to win the event and put in a respectable bike split (of 1hr:13min:09sec)on her current bike with her current riding position. Once Claire told me more about herself and the kind of swim and run times she was capable of, it was pretty obvious that although she was already winning events, there was a huge amount of untapped potential in her biking. Relatively new to the sport of triathlon and to cycling, the bike leg of the triathlon was clearly her weakest link.

On the day of her first bike fit, I invited Claire to become a member of our Bike Science – Boardman Elite team with a view to taking a big chunk of time off her 2013 bike splits.

Roll forward 12 months. After a period of riding tri bars (added to specific bike training courtesy of award winning coach Andy Bullock at Endurance Sports Coaching) on her road bike with a corresponding change in position, Claire moved onto a dedicated time trial bike for the first time. Her 2013 results speak for themselves!

Chester Diva Triathlon – 1st Overall Lady – Bike Split 1hr:09min:05sec

European Age Group Champs – 1st Overall Lady – Bike Split 1hr:02min:18sec

Equipment changes for 2013

Claire raced the second half of the 2012 season on a Cannondale  road bike with clip on Profile T1+ tri bars.

2013 Equipment list:-  Boardman Air TT, Ultegra Di2 Custom Build, Reynolds Assault Wheels, Vittoria Open Corsa CX Tyres, Profile Aeria Aerobars, Lazer Tardiz aero helmet.


2013 Race Position – 40km Bike Split ~ 1hr02mins