Ladies Day at the Relays

After our overall win in the mens category at the 2012 National Triathlon Relay champs, Team Bike Science – Boardman Elite were keen to make a good showing at the 2013 event. After much chin scratching and deliberation we decided to go for the ladies event this year. Team rider Naomi Warr reports in…

The Bike Science Ladies took on the recent challenge at the National Triathlon Club relays at the National Water Sports Centre Nottinghamshire. The team consisted of Maria Powell, Claire Hann, Kelly Weall and Naomi Warr. Not all of the team were regulars at this distance but up for giving it a good go. The preparations started the night before when Kelly cooked for the team, there must have been something in the pasta as we had a great run on Saturday pm.

The swim: The tag line that it’s just ‘organised chaos’ is so true as you have the craziness of the swim where you are trying to spot you team mate as they run out the water with (new for this year!) their swim hat still on. Maria first off, she agreed to brave the ‘washing machine’ leg of the swim, much to all the others relief. Maria whizzed round in a speedy 7.44 to tag the next team mate Kelly, Kelly battled through the pack to come in a respectable time of 8.53 which was more of what she was used to, unlike the recent Blithfield swim which ended up 250m longer than advertised! Naomi (who nearly forgot she was third! blonde moment but no time lost – thanks Claire!), had a shock to the system as her last open water swim was 2.4 miles at Bolton Ironman only 3 weeks previous!, she battled round in – 8.54. Next in was Claire, or ’speedy’ as we renamed her, who absolutely stormed it round in a stunning time of 6.59.

Then there was the bike: The bike course 3 x around the lake is great, and with so many people on the course there’s always a person to aim for, and you’re continually shouting ‘on your right’ ‘coming through the middle’ , avoiding geese! etc. Maria took the bike on with determination and flew round in 24.20, followed by another equally speedy performance from Kelly in 24.10 who definitely enjoyed this year’s bike far more than last year as there was no freak hail storm! , Naomi was pleased with her bike leg in 23.38, followed again by speedy Claire (it must be those electronic shifters! ) in 22.55.

And then for the run: The run can get fairly tough at the watersports centre when the wind catches you on the run in. Maria absolutely nailed the first leg in 19.28, followed by Kelly in 20.05 both gearing those legs up for London, Naomi in 20 (used to a much longer and slower run pace, and in Kona a lot hotter!) and Claire in another speedy time of 19.02 on the longest run leg, they best watch out for her in London as well! Total time 3:25:53. We crossed the line in 10th place and there were 3 ladies teams in front of us. Unfortunately we were unable to compete as a ladies team in the end and were put in the open category for some reason but we know we did well and all we can say is, there’s always next year. Great day had by all, we made an excellent team, organised, competitive and fun (most importantly). Wish us all good luck in our up and coming races:

Maria – London ITU Worlds Standard distance
Naomi – Kona – Hawaii World Ironman Championships
Claire -London ITU Worlds Standard distance
Kelly – London ITU Worlds Sprint distance

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