Computrainer :: The Best Tools for the Best Fitters

At Bike Science we pride ourselves on providing the the most in depth bike fitting service possible which is why we select Retul 3D Motion capture technology as our measurement system of choice. For an explanation of what makes Retul the best possible bike fitting tool available GO HERE. To add to our arsenal of tools, this week sees us introduce Computrainer to our Bike Science fit studios. As well as being the only trainer that’ll stand up to day to day use  in a professional fit studio, Computrainer’s Spinscan feature gives our fitters an in depth insight into each riders pedal stroke. Combining this with Retul’s unique ability to spot side to side position imbalances means that our fitters are more able than ever to help each rider optimise their position, correct imbalances, reduce injury risk and increase performance.


The best money you’ll ever spend on your bike!

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