Selecting your seat – Top tips for choosing the right saddle

Next to your frame (an possibly handlebars) your saddle choice is the most important factor when it comes to influencing, improving and hopefully optimising your comfort and posture on the bike. Selecting the right saddle is a key part of the bike fitting process and getting it right can mean hours of pleasurable time on the bike rather than pain or simply putting up with discomfort. As a general rule, it shouldn’t hurt or take any effort to simply sit on your bike. If it does, something’s wrong with the fit or your equipment choices!

At Bike Science we’ve selected a range of saddles that are proven winners when it comes to comfort. So, whether you’re a pro or novice, male or female, road, triathlon, mtb or time trial rider read on for our comprehensive guide to our range of saddles.

Prologo Scratch Pro – From £69.99

There’s a reason why this saddle is the most popular saddle in the pro peleton and it’s the same reason we’ve selected the Prologo Scratch Pro as our “go to” saddle of choice for road riders struggling to find a saddle that works for them. The Scratch Pro saddle features a slightly rounded profile which works well for riders with moderate or poor flexibility. Active density padding means the saddle will support you where you need it and is softer where you don’t so won’t cause unwanted perenial pain or numbness. Available with either Ti or super light carbon rails for when you need comfort but don’t want to sacrifice weight saving.

Prologo Nago Evo TTR – £94.99

Developed initially by pro riders including four times world time trial champion Fabian Cancellara and Team Sky pro Bradley Wiggins, the short, wide nose of the Nago Evo TTR saddle makes it a great choice for time trial and track riders who need to stay UCI legal. Extremely comfortable when riding far forward, plus an innovative new grip system on the nose keeps you planted without sliding. An increasingly popular choice with triathletes looking for a lightweight, supportive saddle for riding in the aero position

Cobb Cycling V-Flow – £89.99

The original Cobb saddle. Developed in the U.S.A by world renowned bike fit and aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the V-Flow features a deep cut away and relatively soft memory foam. A great choice for smaller riders (and ladies) riding with tri bars on a road bike who suffer from frontal saddle pain or numbness. Available to try before you buy so you can test a saddle out and see if it works for you.

Cobb Cycling V-Flow Plus – £99.99

A development of the original V-Flow saddle. Slightly harder memory foam offers more support for heavier riders or those riding longer distances. A more pronounced drop away on the nose of the saddle further reduces the chance of frontal saddle pain or numbness. Another great choice for triathletes or time triallers using clip on bars on a road bike. Also available to try before you buy.

Cobb Cycling V-Flow Max – £114.99

From the same designer as the innovative and very popular Adamo saddle, the V-Flow Max is the perfect choice for riders looking for comfort on time trial or triathlon specific bikes, especially over long distances. Short profile, firm memory foam and radical cut away dramatically reduces pressure caused by the front of the saddle. Available to try before you buy. Test it before you decide to keep it!

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