Retul Bike Fit :: What Our Clients Are Saying

It’s always great to hear back from our bike fit clients to see how they’re getting on since their fit. Here’s what just a few of our clients have said after their fit sessions…

“I would just like to send a quick email to tell you of the amazing difference I have experienced since having a bike fit from you way back in June. I can not believe what a change it has made to my overall performance on the bike both in the quality of sustained training I can now maintain and the length of time I can comfortably cycle for. Throughout my biking life I have always had issues with back ache and knee problems. However, since you made the alterations to my bike I have not had the slightest niggle from either, even after a 3 and 4 hour weekend rides. It still amazes me!!! and I only wish I had seen you years ago. Once again thanks very much” – David Broughton – Road Rider

“Just got back in from a quick 20 km blast. The bike feels amazing & I love the tri position. No hip or foot numbness, just felt like I could power through everything. Thank you for your patience this afternoon, a great experience & worth every penny. I shall defo be recommending Bike Science to my fellow enthusiasts.Thanks again.”Al Meadows – Triathlete

“Did someone slip some EPO into my drinks bottle whilst I was in the toilet? I came home and absolutely knocked spots off my road intervals – 20 seconds quicker than my average. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep! My pedal power really does feel so much better – more speed for the same effort. Thank you very much, I very much appreciate what you were able to do for me.”Mandy Spedding – Triathlete

Autumn is the ideal time for your bike fit to allow adaptation before next season

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