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Yesterday saw Bike Science – Planet X team riders Lisa Greenfield and Paul Horsfall perform our first ever metabolic profiling sessions at Bike Science Bristol. Jon Riley of TrueZone testing visited to show us the “New Leaf ” metabolic profiling system in action and give our team riders the opportunity to gain valuable information on which to base their early winter training.

Metabolic Profiling at Bike Science

The testing procedure is non-invasive (no blood samples are taken) and works by comparing the levels of carbon dioxide in the air with the levels exhaled by the rider as they perform at a known level of output. The test involves a sub maximal ramp test (there’s no falling off the bike knackered or throwing up in a bucket unless you REALLY want to go that hard). During the test, the rider  is asked to pedal at a steady power output (Powertap power meters are used to ensure accurate power measurement). At regular intervals the intensity is increased as the rider’s exhaled air is sampled. The New Leaf system then records and determines the following…

1. Power Output

2. Heart Rate

3. Number of calories burnt per minute at each intensity

4. Percentage of calories obtained from carbohydrate metabolism at each intensity

5. Percentage of calories obtained from fat metabolism at each intensity

This information is absolutely key to any athlete intending on competing in any aerobic sport.

Training intensity and calorific requirements can be accurately calculated allowing the athlete or coach to perfectly tailor their training to suit their fitness levels and goals.

Treat yourself to your best season ever in 2012 by starting your winter training with ACCURATE information.

Bike Science are offering metabolic profiling testing in Bristol on Saturday the 26th of November – open to ALL LEVELS of rider at any level of fitness.


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