Level 2 Retul Bike Fit – Group Rates – Fits from £100

Bike Fit Group Rates

Are you a member of a club or team or just ride with a group of friends? Our group rates mean you can get even better value from our Level 2 bike fit process. Book as a group and make significant savings over our standard rates. Our Retul bike fit process is the most accurate method of measuring and assessing rider position. The Retul system takes accurate and most importantly DYNAMIC measurements direct from the rider whilst they’re riding. No other bike fit system (including video moti0n capture) offers the same level of detailed and accurate measurement. Team Retul’s accuracy with the experience of our bike fitters throughout the UK and it’s a winning combination.

Groups of THREE riders on the same day – £115 per rider

Groups of FOUR riders on the same day – £100 per rider

(our standard pricing is £149.99 off peak and £184.99 peak time)

The off season is THE BEST time to get your bike fitted, leaving plenty of time to adapt to your new position over the coming winter months.

CONTACT US NOW for more information and to make a group booking. The best money you’ll ever spend on your bike!

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