Find your Size – BEFORE YOU BUY.

As bike fitters one of the most difficult tasks we are faced with is clients visiting us for Retul Precision Bike Fits with bikes that how can I put it politely? – are “far from ideal” when it comes to geometry. As fitters, we never want to make the rider fit the bike, the bike MUST fit the rider. A rider should never feel that they have to contort themselves into an uncomfortable position to ride or use any significant muscular force to maintain their riding position.

Riding a frame with a geometry that either doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit the rider and their chosen discipline is of course, “far from ideal”.

Our fully adjustable fitting  jigs allow our clients to try any bike geometry, saddle and handlebar combination for size, BEFORE BUYING THE BIKE. With the skill of our expert fitters, we’ll guide you to make the best choice available to suit your size, flexibility, budget and chosen events and distances.

If you’re buying a Planet X, On-One or Van Nicholas bike from us, this service is FREE. If your’re buying any other bike, from any other brand, we’ll pre-size you before you buy the bike, and fit it to you once you’ve made the purchase. All for just £79.99. Why risk buying any bike before you KNOW it fits?


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