WIN A RETUL BIKE FIT in our Fantasy Tour de France Mini League!

Join in with this years Velogames Fantasy Tour de France Bike Science mini league to be in with a chance of winning a Retul Level 2 bike fit worth £185. Sign up online HERE to play “directeur sportif” and create your own ultimate Tour team. Follow your team’s progress throughout the race with daily updates on our FACEBOOK PAGE.

It’s FREE. Here’s how to play…

1. Sign up and create a team on the Velogames Fantasy Tour website.

2. Edit your team roster to create your ultimate tour dream team

3. Join the Bike Science mini league by pressing the “enter a mini league” button and entering our league code : 24090718

4. Follow your teams progress throughout the Tour with daily updates on the Bike Science FACEBOOK PAGE

Check out the super cool Bike Science jersey in the custom team jersey selection section!!

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