Meet the Team :: Sam Hayward

Rapid runner Sam is a relative newcomer to triathlon, but her early results show, she’s got the potential to do something pretty special this season. Here’s something about Sam in her own words…

“I’m very new to triathlon, with my addiction only beginning at the end of the tri season in 2009, when I decided I’d become bored of just racing marathons, halves and 10ks and needed a new challenge. After much help and advice I purchased my first road bike and foolishly went straight in at the deep end with spd pedals….I still have the scars from my comedy falls but not deterred I persevered! Swimming was also an alien activity I could barely swim 50m front crawl when I started and was known as “windmill arms” when I joined BADTri but with some great coaching I’m no longer sinking in the pool. 2010 saw my first full season, I think the best parts included representing GB at the ITU World Championships in Budapest and finishing the year with my first Ironman in Western Australia which has provided me with qualification to the ITU Long Course World Championships in Nevada latter this year.

My job as a Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee leaves me pretty sleep deprived and limited with time, so I find myself fitting in training at some unearthly hours (hence the profile picture with bags under the eyes taken following a 5am training ride). However, I love the challenge and my impatience to succeed in everything I do spurs me on. My race season this year has been pretty empty as work had to take precedence with some post-graduate exams needing to be passed but now that box is ticked I back stronger than last year and extremely excited about my forth coming races as a new member of the Bike Science team. So 2011 sees me racing Challenge Roth, where I’m aiming to improve on my full distance PB, and as a GB age grouper in the World Long Course Championships. This is the most I’ve pushed my body to do and as long as it holds up to the challenge I’ll also be competing in a middle distance race in September, most likely the Full Boar.”

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