Meet the Team :: Lanza Age Group Champ Lisa Greenfield

Cycling powerhouse Lisa Greenfield sent shows potential to become one of the best bikers in triathlon. A top ten finish (overall) and win in her age group at this years Lanzarote Ironman earned her a coveted place at the World Ironman champs in Hawaii this October. Some words from Lisa…
Well what can I say about me…..
Firstly I begged for a spot on the team so that I could stop going to the gym to get a six pack and just throw on the team kit instead.
A brief history…
I stumbled on triathlon after years of picking up injuries training for marathons and quickly realised that I was actually rubbish at running and much better on the bike. After a couple of years of Olympic distance racing, and a couple of bronze medals in the age group world and Euro champs
along the way I edged over to the wrong side of 35 and quickly realised that my top and speed was diminishing but I could go on forever!
I took a flyer on the Iron Man distance event and managed to be the 1st non pro female home at the inaugural Challenge Barcelona event. Lanzarote Iron Man was my race for this season and thanks to time spent chasing the other Bike Science boys and gal around the Pyrenees in training I managed to book myself a slot to Kona in October. After which I will retire from sport! Alternatively if I have anything left to give i’ll spend 3 months hitting the red wine to build up my greatly reduced tolerance for alcohol (it’s all about conditioning) and then book myself for lots of fun hilly stuff for next season.
A bit more stuff…
  • My idol is my team mate Ruth Bradbrook and in the “dark times” in long distance events my mantra is “what would Ruthie B do” which gets me through every time.
  • I love nothing more than running after my mad white boxer through the Cotswold country lanes where I live at 5am on a crisp sunny morning.
  • I believe life is about balance and I only train so I can eat and drink lots of lovely stuff and I could never do this for a living – it wouldn’t be fun anymore
  • I know nothing about bikes and how they operate but I also seem to find ones that go really fast, almost by magic.
  • I like beating boys and Pro’s
  • I hate being injured and having to take time off to recover
  • I believe that Troy Jacobson (the coach off of the Spinervals DVD’s) is my coach and close personal friend (I know I need to leave the house more in the winter!!)

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