Try ANY Bike for Size – BEFORE YOU BUY

Why risk spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a new bike without being absolutely sure it fits?

With our state of the art fitting bikes based at Bike Science Derby and Bike Science Bristol we can replicate the position of ANY bike before you buy to ensure the frame is a suitable match for the rider. So, if you’re not sure what size frame to opt for or want to know which brands or models will be the best match for you as a rider, we can help.

If you’re interested in buying a Planet X, On-One or Van Nicholas bike from us, an initial sizing consultation is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. You’ll pay the same price for the bike as you would if you bought direct plus get a COMPLIMENTARY BIKE SET UP or 1/2 PRICE RETUL PRECISION FIT on collection of your bike! To get started, simply book a sales consultation in either BRISTOL or DERBY now.

If you’re buying ANY OTHER BRAND try it for size before you buy by booking a Level 1 Fit. We’ll replicate the position on your choice of new bike and help you make the decision as to which makes and models will fit you best. We’ll also invite you back in once you’ve purchased the bike to complete the set up process at no extra charge.

A Level 1 Fit costs just £89.99 and is available at both Bristol and Derby studios



Because bikes work better when they fit.

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