Help us Build the Best Bike in the World!

It’s your chance to help us spec our best bike ever!

We’re pleased to announce the imminent arrival of VINER BIKES at Bike Science Bristol. Viner offer classic Italian styling and MADE TO MEASURE Carbon, titanium, aluminium and steel road, track, cross and mtb frames for the ultimate bikes. If you want the best, this is it!

The first demo bike we’re building is the awesome 2012 Maxima RS2. It’s one of the first 2012 spec Maxima’s to hit the UK and we’re keen to spec the bike with the cream of the crop of components.

Pro Cycling Magazine’s ex continental pro and bike reviewer Marcel Wurst called the previous incarnation of the Maxima ”THE BEST BIKE I’VE EVER RIDDEN”

We need your help to make ours even better!

So go for it and let us know on our Facebook page how you’d spec your ultimate road bike.

We’ve started with the ultimate frame, it’s time for you to do the rest.

The Maxima RS2 will be available from Bike Science as frame and fork (£4999) or as complete bikes with your choice of components. For mere mortals, custom made Viner frame prices start at £850 including fork. Prices of all Viner made to measure frames include free Retul sizing session before purchase and free Retul fit session on collection of your bike.


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