Viner Brings Tailor Made Carbon Frames to Bike Science Bristol!

We’re proud to announce the arrival of Viner Bikes at Bike Science Bristol. A classic Italian brand with unparalleled skill in producing tailor made carbon, titanium and steel frames. With the addition of the Viner brand to our RANGE OF BIKES we can now offer perfectly fitted and crafted tailor made carbon frames for the best possible ride and fit. Viners unique methods of frame construction allow every frame to be tuned to suit rider requirements offering the best possible ride, fit and handling.

Complete bike prices from just £1599

See these frames at Bike Science Bristol now…

Maxima RS2

Pro Cycling Magazine called the 2008 Maxima  ”The Best Bike They’ve Ever Ridden“. Now EVEN BETTER for 2012. Top of the range complete custom carbon. See the UK’s first Maxima RS2 now!

Perfecta 2.11

Custom geometry and ride. Lightweight perfection!


Entry level tailor made aluminium alloy frame. The perfect entry level bike with the perfect fit!

Why go custom?

Firstly, let’s start with a little bit of a cycling history lesson…

In the early nineteen seventies, the Italian National Cycling Federation and Italian Central Sports School published what was to go on to become “the bible” of bike design for decades to come. In what was known as the C.O.N.I manual the Italian Federation mapped out their recommendation for bike geometries dependant on rider size. These recommendations were based on a sample set of elite riders whom the federation studied to generate data to guide all aspects of bike geometry. The majority of mass produced bikes from the major bike companies have been from designs based around the C.O.N.I numbers ever since. Designs have been tweaked slightly over the years, copied and handed down, but to all intents and purposes they’re still the same designs.

No two riders are ever the same and what’s perfect for one rider almost certainly won’t work well for another. From our day to day bike fitting experience working with riders of all ages, experience, shapes and sizes, it’s not hard to tell that today’s cyclists don’t all conform to a set of simple rules based around mainly young, flexible and elite racers.

Custom frames allow skilled bike fitters and experienced frame designers to tailor not only the rider position to suit rider goals, flexibility and morphology but also the riding characteristics of the bike including handling, stiffness, steering response and comfort.

So no matter whether you’re an elite racer, complete beginner, male, female, young or old, we can design, build and fit the perfect bike for you.

Bike Science Custom Frame Fitting Process

At Bike Science we pride ourselves on taking the extra steps needed to ensure every client gets the bike that best suits their needs. That’s why every client who buys ANY bike from Bike Science gets a pre-purchase sizing session and set up included in the cost of the bike.

For clients selecting from our range of custom Carbon and Titanium frames, we offer our ultimate custom bike fit package at no additional cost.

Step 1. A set of measurements are taken to assess the individual riders morphology

Step 2. Rider flexibility is assessed and recorded

Step 3. Rider “interview” to discuss requirements for the new frame, rider injury history and future riding goals

Step 4. Rider is observed riding their current bike (if applicable) using the Retul 3D motion capture system

Step 5. Our completely adjustable fitting bike is used along with the Retul 3D motion capture system to determine the individual’s perfect frame dimensions

Step 6. Our highly skilled fitters work along side our suppliers frame technicians to create a frame perfectly tailored to the rider requirements

Step 7. On completion of the bike build a second fitting using Retul 3D motion capture is performed to set up the new bike to the optimum position

In our opinion, this process offers the ultimate guarantee of a great bike fit and crafting the best possible bike for the individual client

Bike Science fit and supply tailor made frames in carbon, titanium and aluminium from Italian frame building masters Viner and Dutch Titanium experts Van Nicholas


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